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Puget Sound Initiative (PSI) Site Cleanups

Port Angeles Baywide Everett Baywide Budd inlet Chevron Tank Farm, Bremerton Port Gamble Baywide Bellingham Bay Map: Puget Sound Baywide Locations The Toxics Cleanup Program (TCP) has been identifying and cleaning up contaminated sites in the Puget Sound area through the Model Toxics Control Act for many years.  As this work continues, new resources allow Ecology to focus additional efforts to cleanup and restore bays within Puget Sound. 

Through the Puget Sound Initiative, Washington State has committed the resources and funding for a healthier Puget Sound and surrounding communities.  The Puget Sound Initiative is a collaborative effort – by local, tribal, state and federal governments, business, agricultural and environmental interests, and the public – to restore and protect the Sound.

A leading source of pollution to the Sound is contaminated sites around its shorelines.  Ecology's Toxics Cleanup Program has identified  contaminated sites within one-half mile of the Sound.  In response to the Puget Sound Initiative and increased funding,  Ecology has accelerated its efforts to clean and restore contaminated sites within identified priority bays.   These areas are the cornerstones of Ecology's approach to protect and restore Puget Sound.

The Baywide Approach

Ecology is taking a baywide approach, rather than site-specific, approach to cleaning up numerous sites within a geographic area.  The result is larger areas of usable shoreline habitat for fish, wildlife and people.  Ecology has negotiated numerous cleanup agreements to meet Puget Sound Initiative objectives.  Read more about the work in each of these bays.

How Can I Get Involved?

Many Washington residents are interested in a healthy Puget Sound, whether or not they live around the Sound.  Ecology invites all interested citizens to become involved in these cleanups.  To help make this possible, Public Participation Plans have been prepared for each site in baywide areas.  These plans explain how you can learn about and review plans for cleaning up contaminated sites, and include your comments in the decision-making process.   Read more about these sites by clicking on the site links.


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