Environmental Assessment Program

Environmental Assessment Program Contacts

Freshwater Monitoring

Forest Practices Effectiveness Monitoring- Bill Ehinger 360-407-6416

River and Stream Water Quality Monitoring contacts

Rivers and Stream Flow contacts

Intensively Monitored Watersheds for Salmon Restoration - Bill Ehinger 360-407-6416

Stream Biological Monitoring - Chad Larson 360-407-6416

Watershed Health Monitoring - Glenn Merritt 360-407-6777

Water Quality Improvement Projects (TMDL) contacts

Aquatic Plant Monitoring - Jenifer Parsons 509-457-7136

Lake Water Quality - William Hobbs 360-407-7512

Groundwater Assessment

Groundwater Assessment Contacts

Laboratory Accreditation

Laboratory Accreditation Contacts

Modeling the Environment

Computer Modeling - Cristiana Figueroa-Kaminsky 360-407-6710

Puget Sound and Coastal

Beach Environmental Assessment, Communication and Health (BEACH) contacts

Marine Sediment Monitoring contacts

Marine Water Quality Monitoring contacts

South Puget Sound Dissolved Oxygen Study - Cristiana Figueroa-Kaminsky 360-407-6710

Water Quality Improvement Projects (TMDL) contacts

Quality Assurance

Agency Quality Assurance Officer - Bill Kammin 360-407-6964

Toxics Monitoring

Toxics Studies contacts