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Yakima Basin water-rights case coming to a close

The historic Ecology v. James Acquavella, et al adjudication determining and confirming all surface water rights in the Yakima River Basin will soon be final, announces the Washington Department of Ecology. (August 17 news release)

Landowner fined $90,000 for destroying wetlands in Pierce County

A Pierce County landowner has been fined $90,000 after he hired a contractor in November 2016 to illegally drain, clear, and fill two protected wetlands in order to expand a planned housing development. (August 16 news release)

Skagit County farm, Ecology settle irrigation fine

A blueberry farm on Cockreham Island along the Skagit River will restore habitat on a nearby stream under a settlement agreement with the Washington Department of Ecology. (August 10 news release)

Smoke on the water, smoke in your eyes, what are you doing Friday at 5?

Wildfire smoke can come on suddenly and last from hours to weeks. I’m sure you’ve noticed that Washington is currently smothered in smoke from the British Columbia wildfires. (August 4 blog)

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