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State begins year-long air quality study in Quincy

State scientists will collect data on several types of air pollution in the community of Quincy. Significant increases in both population and economic development, including 10 new industrial facilities, prompted the study. (July 11 news release)

El estado inicia un año de estudio de calidad de aire en Quincy

Científicos del estado recolectarán datos sobre varios tipos de contaminación de aire en la comunidad de Quincy. El estudio fue impulsado por aumentos significativos tanto en la población como en el desarrollo económico, incluyendo 10 nuevas instalaciones industriales. (11 de julio NOTICIAS)

Now recruiting 300 environmental positions for Washington Conservation Corps

With a $1.8 million federal AmeriCorps investment, the Department of Ecology is now recruiting for 300 full-time environmental positions across the state to serve in the Washington Conservation Corps (WCC). (July 7 news release)

Hanford contractor agrees to settle penalty for waste

A company that holds contracts for major portions of the cleanup at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation has agreed to establish a temporary holding area for waste that hasn’t been analyzed. (July 7 news release)

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